Coming soon… nubroom – the all-in-one solution that makes quick pickups easy.

Brooms and cordless vacuums are often used to pick up spills – but each has a weakness

Brooms reach the debris, but can’t pick it up. And vacuums can pick it up, but often can’t reach it.

nubroom provides the best benefits of a broom and a vacuum. nubroom easily reaches into narrow spaces and sweeps up around furniture and obstacles.  It then picks up the debris – capturing it within its own dust bin.

nubroom makes quick pickups easy-  just Sweep, Switch, and Pickup:

nubroom Sweeps like a broom. Reaches where vacuums can’t. No need to charge.  Always ready. Picks up like a vacuum. Rotating brush roll picks up debris. No dustpan.  No need to bend down.